Your website should ease your workload - not add to it.

We create thoughtfully crafted websites that help you connect with more compatible clients, confidently charge what you know you’re worth, and find more time for the work you love.

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Garry Banford, founder of Duratus UK
Garry Banford

Trailmark [Studio] have been an absolute pleasure to work with from initial consultation, design conversations, to realisation of the new website and the off-boarding.They have incredibly high attention to detail but also a relaxed style which always made any communication we had very easy and pleasurable.

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You shouldn't have to do everything.

For you, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive effect your service has on your clients - be it big or small. You shouldn’t have to become an expert in web design and copywriting too.

Instead, with our help, you can:

Charge what you know you’re worth - because you have a website that builds trust & overcomes potential obstacles.

Proudly send people to your online space knowing it reflects the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

Feel more able to say goodbye to ill-fitting clients, confident you’ll have other options.

Spend more time working with clients because your website does the heavy lifting for you.

whats included

We offer a full service package.

You’ll get everything your website needs to speak to your target market, spotlight the value you offer your clients, build trust, and motivate new clients to book. We’ll take the lead - involving you only in the things that matter most - so you don’t have to stress.

Custom Webflow Website

A website designed and built specifically for you. Webflow allows us to be creative while producing a website that looks good on all devices, is easy to manage, and will grow with your business.

Brand & Website Strategy

It’s hard to concentrate on the big picture when you are busy taking care of the everyday. Our conversations will help you define your brand, clearly communicate what you offer and why it matters, arrange your services in order of importance, and determine where your website fits in long-term.

Client Journey Strategy

We give careful thought to how your clients interact with your business from start to finish, trying to anticipate their feelings, thoughts, and questions - to make sure the website fills not only your needs, but theirs too.

Creative Direction

We research your competitors, industry & target market before selecting colours, fonts, icons & graphic elements. We recommend palettes that will support your brand and make those perfect-fit clients feel: This service is just right for me.


We write everything for your website from attention-grabbing headings, reassuring words that make your audience feel understood, to step-by-step guides and motivating calls-to-action - each line crafted to appeal to people you really want to work with.

Image Curation

How do you choose stock photos that don’t look like stock photos? With a trained eye, we collect high-quality images chosen to meaningfully contribute to your website's message - not fill space.

1:1 Webflow Training

We show you how to use Webflow’s Editor and equip you with personalised video tutorials specific to your project - so you feel confident managing & editing your site going forward.

Post-launch Support

We include 1 month post-launch email support. That way, if something unexpected happens, we can help. And we offer a maintenance service for all our past customers should you wish to return to us in the future for updates or new content.

The Investment

Our signature Webflow website package starts at £5000 GBP.

Phil Coomer
Railway Brake Services

Trailmark Studio took time to understand our business and customers and I was very impressed with how you demonstrated this.
The customer contact form is working really well, with several potential new customers contacting us in the first few days of the website going live....I actually can see the real value in the comprehensive service provided. Great team to work with.

about trailmark studio

A small team with a thoughtful approach.

We are Trailmark Studio - a small freelance husband & wife team designing & developing client websites from our home in Derby. While we collaborate on the strategy & design of each project, Esther takes the lead in copywriting, and Darren in development.

Like many of our clients, our business emerged from a desire to work for ourselves, to have the freedom to relocate without starting from scratch each time, and to learn new skills in an industry that excited us.

But, what began as a business that suited our needs, quickly became one focused on the needs of our clients.

We realised that our clients needed more than beautiful websites - they needed solutions. Even a simple website, created thoughtfully, could have a big impact on their work life. And, we love that.


What is Webflow and is it a good choice for my website?

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Webflow is a website builder that offers the greatest customisation and flexibility for website projects.

Webflow is also great for scalability. For example, we can create template pages that you can use to add new content to your website as your business grows - without the need to return to us. Need to add a new team member profile, FAQ, brand page, or blog post? Webflow has got you covered.

Webflow’s Editor gives you control over your website content so you can make edits when you need to - but not so much control that you worry about messing things up!

I’ve just started my business. Is this package right for me?

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It depends.

Though your business may be new, perhaps you have already:

  • Built up a wealth of experience in your niche

  • Established your business processes

  • Or even begun working or selling to clients

If so, we'd love the opportunity to help bring your business to life online.

How long will the process take?

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Project turnarounds can vary between 2 - 4 months, depending on the scope of work. This measured process allows us to offer a comprehensive service. We’ve made room for everything; strategy, research, curation of resources, copywriting, art direction, design, animation, website development, and 1:1 client training.

How much will it cost to run my website going forward?

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Webflow Hosting: The price depends on your plan. Most clients require a CMS plan at approx. £23 GBP per month. The business plan is approx. £40 GBP per month. Prices are discounted if you pay annually. Hosting will be an ongoing expense as long as your website is live.

Domain: Your web address can be purchased annually from a provider of your choice and can cost as little as £10-20 GBP annually; we’ve used Google or GoDaddy. This will be an ongoing annual expense.

Integrations: Depending on your needs, we can integrate optional 3rd party software to expand the functions of your website. For example, booking appointments, managing memberships or email subscriptions, or accepting online payments. Some are free, some are not. These expenses will be ongoing for as long as you want to use them on your website.

Maintenance: We offer optional website support. For a monthly fee we can keep an eye on your website, troubleshoot problems, and make edits for you. Flexible subscriptions and no-fuss cancellation mean you can keep us on your team for as long as you want. This will be an additional monthly expense - should you choose to subscribe.

It's a big investment for me. How do I know if it's worth it?

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We understand that taking an important step like this can feel big investment. We also know that the last thing our clients need is to keep replacing their website all the time with another ‘good-enough’ one.

Your investment includes more than just a website. Our thoughtful process features everything we’ll need to ensure your website fits in seamlessly with your business, reflects your brand, appeals to the right people, and ultimately, works for you for longer.

Of course, you know what’s right for you and your business right now - if that’s using a website template or a quick-fix placeholder, that’s OK. We’ll be here for phase 2 of your business journey.

Will I be tied into a subscription, or required to return to you for future updates?

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No. Once the project is complete, you will own the website outright and run it independently from us.

At the end of every project, we make sure our clients feel confident maintaining and editing their websites on their own. Also, we use a ‘client-first’ approach when developing our websites, making it easier for clients and other Webflow developers to work on them in the future. In other words, upon completion of the project, you are in control.

Of course, we hope you’ll want to return and work with us again! We offer website maintenance to all our past clients on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you can be confident we’ll be there for you should you need it.

I already have copywriting and/or content. Do you offer custom packages?

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We are open to offering custom packages, on an individual basis. Tell us more about your project using the contact form and we can talk about how we could work together.

Do you have a payment plan?

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A 25% deposit secures your booking in our project calendar. The final 3 instalments are payable at regular intervals throughout your project: 25% after the Strategy stage, 25% after the Design stage, and the balance prior to transferring ownership. In most cases, this works out at about 1 instalment per month.

We accept payment by bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Stripe.

We recommend ensuring you have the full amount available before we start, as we do require on-time payments to keep the project on schedule.


Let's Talk About Your Project

If you think we may be a good fit for you and your business - and you’re ready for a new website - we’d be excited to hear from you!

Start the conversation by sharing a few details about your business and website requirements. You’ll get a reply from us with any follow-up questions and an invitation to arrange a free discovery call.

Remember: It’s not our goal to sell you something you don’t need - but to find out if we’ll work well together. The best way to do that is with a conversation.